Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

The keys to successful digital marketing practices are often learned through failure. But this doesn’t have to be you! The wise business owner learns from the travails experienced by others. Here are some digital marketing mistakes to know so you can keep them from unraveling your strategy:

  1. Overlooking directory listings. Now more than ever, people turn to the internet for answers to their questions – what restaurant serves the best seafood? Which bands are in town tonight? Where can I get my taxes prepared? Directory listings such as Google My Business, Facebook and Yelp group local businesses by niche and list them as the top options to answer these questions. Not having your business prominently displayed in these results drops your listing below your competitor’s and puts you at a clear disadvantage when looking to add new customers.
  2. Ignoring negative customer reviews. A non-response to a disgruntled customer in a public space gives the false impression that you don’t care about customer satisfaction. Don’t let the impression sink in – use it as an opportunity to turn a potentially damaging review into a positive example of your relentless customer service. A sincere response that provides a reasonable solution will show potential customers that you can be trusted to fully take care of their needs.
  3. Posting pointless content on social media. Too often, businesses lack a social media marketing strategy and post things just to have a presence. Over-posting or posting irrelevant information can diminish your brand and make you look out of touch. Whether it’s a newsworthy item to prompt customer questions or it’s designed to drive traffic to your website, every post should stimulate action or positive feelings from the reader.
  4. Neglecting your website. Your website is often the first, and maybe last, impression a potential customer has of your business. Don’t blow it with a stale presentation and outdated information. Old news stories and content will give the appearance that your business is not up to speed on the most recent developments in your industry. Keeping your website looking fresh and stocked with current topics will show your customers you are engaged and ready to give them the best service possible.
  5. Deploying an inconsistent approach. Marketing doesn’t have a season – it needs to have a consistent presence year-round. Inconsistent marketing fails to communicate the benefits your products and services provide. Every customer touchpoint should be part of a greater strategy that seeks to build confidence in your brand. Scattered pieces of content may provide value here and there, but the power of consistency directly connects your marketing content to the value of your business.



As always, should you have any questions or concerns regarding your situation please feel free to call.

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