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Archive for June 2016

Real Estate Matters: Know The Tax Rules

Real Estate Matters: Know the Tax Rules

Taxes are an important part of the decision to own real estate. Here’s a brief overview of tax benefits you can realize while you own real property, as well as when you sell or otherwise dispose of the property. Current expenses. As a rental property owner, you can deduct current expenses to offset the tax…

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Time-Tracking: QuickBooks Online Plus, Part 1

QuickBooks Online

You can’t see time. Nor can you look at hours and minutes to see how many you have in inventory. But if you’re a service-based business, your income is derived from this invisible asset. Billable time needs to be entered and invoiced with absolute precision. QuickBooks Online Plus has this covered. By using its time-tracking…

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Speak Up About Your Finances

Speak Up About Your Finances

How often do you take time to talk about your finances? Once a year while preparing your tax return? Only when a financial emergency pops up? Or are money matters a topic you avoid entirely? If discussing financial goals makes you uncomfortable, you’re certainly not alone. Surveys by a national financial company found that money…

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