The Taxing Side Of Divorce

The taxing side of divorce

Are you getting a divorce? Amid all the upheaval, taxes are not likely to be foremost on your mind. Yet overlooking the tax consequences can be costly. Here are some of the basics. Your filing status will change. No matter if you get your final divorce decree or separate maintenance on January 1, December 31,…

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Questions To Ask Before Signing A Business Loan

Questions to ask before signing a business loan.

  Are you thinking of taking out a loan to buy new machinery or additional inventory for your business? Before you sign that loan document or credit application, consider the following questions before signing a business loan. What’s the true cost of borrowing? The interest rate on your business loan may be variable, fluctuating over…

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Rent Or Buy? It’s A Matter Of Perspective


The buy or lease question is a common dilemma, whether you’re asking as a homeowner, or for your business. For perspective, think of the big picture. In either case, you’re paying for the exclusive use of an item over a set period of time. With that as a point of reference, the difference boils down…

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Toys for Tots at Dana McGuffin CPA 2016

Toys for Tots 2016 at Dana McGuffin CPA

We are SO excited to be an official drop-off location for Toys for Tots 2016 and will be gratefully accepting new, unwrapped toys November 28th – December 9th, from 9AM to 5PM. Please join us for cupcakes and coffee at our 4th annual Toys for Tots gift reception Thursday, December 1st from 1-3PM. Our office…

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Paying Bills in QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online

In a previous column, we talked about setting up bills in QuickBooks Online. Now it’s time to pay them. We recently laid out the benefits of using QuickBooks Online for bill entry and payment. It’s faster than manual methods. It leaves an electronic record of your accounts payable. And it helps ensure that bills are…

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