Start 2017 With A Review Of Your Insurance Coverage

Business Insurance Coverage

Do you have the right insurance for your business? Here’s a list of policies to consider. Liability insurance covers damages and defense for bodily injury, personal injury such as slander, and property damage to a third-party that is caused by you, your products, or your employees. Property insurance covers your building and personal property such…

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Will You Have to File a 2016 Tax Return?

2016 Tax Return

The filing requirement rules for individual 2016 Tax Return are fairly straightforward. In general, you’re required to file a return based on your filing status, your gross income, and your age. Here’s an overview of the rules for 2016. 2016 Tax Return  Single taxpayers (including those who are divorced or legally separated). If you’re under 65…

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Stay On Top Of New Due Dates This Year

Due Dates

Tax filing season officially begins this month. Did you know due dates for certain returns have been changed? Why are the dates changing? One reason is to bring due dates into a more logical order. For example, in prior years, if you were a partner in a partnership, you may have had to extend your…

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Do You Need A Safe Deposit Box?

Safe-deposit box

Though you may have thought bank safe deposit boxes no longer existed, these secure containers are still around, and can be useful for storing difficult to replace items, such as deeds, contracts, and your home inventory. Should you have one? Here’s what to consider. Peace of mind. Knowing that key original documents are in a…

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