Lindsay Polyak Receives Southlake’s Volunteer of the Year Award

We are pleased to announce that Lindsay Polyak received Southlake’s Volunteer of the Year Award.

The highlight of this year’s Southlake Chamber “A Night at the Improv” Awards banquet was the awards and the winners! This banquet is to honor the individuals and organizations who have demonstrated a commitment to serving not only the Chamber, but the community overall.

This year’s winner of the Volunteer of the Year was a tie between Lindsay Polyak with Dana McGuffin CPA, PLLC. and Sheri Mills with GRACE.

The Volunteer of the Year Award celebrates outstanding volunteer service and contribution to the community and Southlake Chamber of Commerce. It recognizes excellence in leadership, dedication to improving the lives of others, and an ability to motivate others to follow their lead in service.

Please join us in congratulating Lindsay Polyak, Volunteer of the Year!

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