My Big Why

My Big Why

FREEDOM. Really, that’s what it all comes down to. It’s my BIG WHY. Freedom is why I got into business in the first place. I wanted freedom to run a business the way I saw fit. I wanted freedom from the “old” standard practices of accounting firms. I wanted freedom from being on someone else’s payroll. I wanted freedom to be creative. This is why I started Dana McGuffin CPA in 2010. Freedom is why I push forward to grow the business. Freedom is why I take risks and grow and change.

What’s your big why? Why did you start your own business, whether it was years ago or weeks ago? Was it to spend more time with family? Was it to have a legacy to pass on? Was it to have financial freedom? Think back to those days when you first started and the reasons you took the plunge, and remember them. (We will be talking about your WHY in blog posts over the next few weeks.)

What Motivates Me to Serve Businesses

An Out of Business sign. A simple cardboard sign scribbled with a black Sharpie taped to the front window of a Mexican restaurant on my daily commute. Every time I passed that sign, I grieved. I envisioned an older, weathered man writing out that sign with his wife standing by his side and his two children standing behind them. That sign represented their hopes, their dreams, and their shattered finances.

That sign comes to my mind on a regular basis as I grow and build my own business. I don’t want to be that business owner writing out the sign. I don’t want to hear about businesses in my community putting that sign in their window. And I certainly don’t want to serve clients who have to write out their own sign. I yearn to create a company that helps business owners build entities that thrive and grow rather than wither and die.

What keeps you motivated? What helps you get up and push on every day? What helps you when you stumble and fall down?

I would love to hear from you on your big why and what keeps you motivated. Please leave a comment below!

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