Beware of These Popular Scammer Tactics

As long as the world has people with money, there will be scammers who use fraudulent tactics to try and separate you from your hard-earned cash. Here are some of the more recently-used methods that scammers are using to try and lay claim to your money. One-time passcode (OTP) scams. Many legitimate companies use two-factor authentication…

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Protect Yourself From Port-Out Scams

Mobile phones not only contain our personal details and information about everyone we know; they are used to verify our identities and unlock access to our financial accounts. Now scammers are using a process called a “port-out” to hack into our phones to change our passwords, steal our personal data and even empty our bank…

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Alert: New Small Business Scam Steals Key Information

Small Business Scam

This past month at least 55 companies reported they had fallen victim to a new type of specialized phishing scheme. This small business scam involves a criminal masquerading as a real employee, often a key executive, and then duping unwitting employees to provide payment or secure files. The scam takes many forms. Here are a couple…

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