Don’t Leave Your Business Exposed: 5 Insurance Tips to Protect Your Assets and Your Bank Account

Have you conducted a business insurance review lately? Changes in your business equipment, real estate holdings, the amount of inventory, and the number of employees are all good reasons to review your insurance. Here are a few policy review tips to consider: Keep in regular contact with your insurance company. Keep your insurance agent apprised…

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Does Your Business Need Cyber Insurance?

Is cyber insurance for you?  It’s a nightmare scenario few small businesses consider: hackers breach your computer system, steal your customer lists and threaten to exploit sensitive data. Data breaches by malicious individuals don’t just pose a financial risk. They threaten your reputation and can trigger litigation if your customers blame you for the exposure…

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When Business Travel Insurance Makes Sense

Business Travel Insurance

  There are many things that come in pairs because they make sense – peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, shoes – the list goes on and on. Travel insurance for business travel is no different. There are inevitable changes to business travel or circumstances that arise while away from home. One way to…

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Start 2017 With A Review Of Your Insurance Coverage

Business Insurance Coverage

Do you have the right insurance for your business? Here’s a list of policies to consider. Liability insurance covers damages and defense for bodily injury, personal injury such as slander, and property damage to a third-party that is caused by you, your products, or your employees. Property insurance covers your building and personal property such…

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