Post 2 of 5: More Fraudulent Disbursement Schemes

Fraudulent Dispersement Schemes

Fraudulent disbursement schemes provide a unique opportunity for the fraudster. The company is essentially “tricked” into making a legitimate- looking disbursement. Unlike larceny or skimming schemes, the employee is not even physically required to take custody of the funds; the money can be converted indirectly by the employee through a third source, such as a shell…

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Post 1 of 5: Recent Examples of Fraud We Have Seen

Recent Examples of Fraud

Is An Employee Stealing From You?  Fraud presents itself in many ways in businesses! Over the years, we have seen dozens of examples of employee fraud. From buying personal gasoline and clothing on company credit cards to dispersing additional payroll checks to themselves, employees find creative ways to steal from their employers. We’ve had numerous…

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