Taxes: Knowing the Basics is Key

It’s the starting point to saving money Understanding how our tax system works can be tricky for anyone. Whether you’re an adult who never paid much attention to the taxes being withheld from your paycheck or a kid who just got his or her first job, the starting point to reducing your tax is knowing…

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Shrink Your Tax Bill in 2023

    Here are several strategies to consider to shrink your tax bill in 2023. Consider life events. Consider whether any of the following key events may take place in 2023, as they may have potential tax implications: Purchasing or selling a home Refinancing or adding a new mortgage Getting married or divorced Incurring large medical…

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Last-Minute Moves That Can Lower Your Tax Bill

Last Minute Moves to Lower Your Tax Bill by Dana McGuffin CPA

Only one month to go until tax filing day! That means you still have time to trim your 2015 tax bill. Here are last-minute moves to consider and deductions to remember. Maximize your 2015 IRA contribution. You have until April 18 (or April 19 if you live in Maine or Massachusetts) to make deductible 2015…

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