Client Testimonials


Dana McGuffin CPA Accounting Clients Testimonials

“We previously used an accounting firm who didn’t understand Quick Books Online or how to accomplish what we needed. I spent most of my time managing the accounting of the business, leaving only a small amount of time for operations and growth. I realized I needed a partner capable of handling our accounting needs and came to Dana McGuffin CPA. Since taking over our accounting, they process filings in a timely manner, proactively address any issues, and thoroughly understand my business and how to help it grow. I am now able to focus on expanding the profits of my business because I can spend more than 90% of my time on business growth.”  Doug Oyler, Owner – Fierce Bows


“Since 2013, Dana McGuffin CPA has assisted our group of financial companies with a variety of tax and accounting services. All deliverables are received on or ahead of schedule and our questions are answered expeditiously. The staff also go the extra mile by visiting my office monthly (even during tax season!) to make sure all our needs are being properly addressed. Ultimately, the services provided by Dana McGuffin CPA have allowed me more time to focus on growing and managing our business.”  Jason Schmidt, COO – Alpha Financial Technologies, LLC | EAM Group of Companies


“We came to Dana McGuffin CPA looking for the right fit with a local accounting firm known for giving great service. We have found them to be an extremely good fit for our ministry size and philosophy. We receive personalized service and are freed up from worrying about things we don’t do well – accounting and bookkeeping – so that we are able to minister to couples and families around the world.”  Brent Evans, President – Marriage Today


“Prior to Dana McGuffin CPA, we had two different accounting firms that made many promises but never delivered; we had been milked by these two firms for about a year with no results. Since the minute we met with Dana McGuffin CPA, our relationship has been a blessing. They took our seemingly impossible situation and in a matter of weeks were able to remedy our situation. We are most grateful for their service to us. They are always professional and willing to work with us. They listen to our needs and are able to come up with great solutions. Should you decide to move forward in using Dana McGuffin CPA, I assure you that you will be pleasantly pleased and relieved!”  Jeff Wall, General Manager – McCaw Property Management


“As a fast-growing business, we found ourselves in a situation where our key employees wore many hats. We knew we needed an accounting firm to do more than just file our taxes and tell us how to stay out of trouble. We needed someone with the capability to take on several key financial functions and consult with us on a regular basis. From the beginning, Dana McGuffin CPA has learned our business and become our external CFO that asks us hard questions. Their team has brought financial expertise to the table where we meet them with our production insight. This partnership has allowed our visionary/entrepreneur owner the ability to run, grow and sell like never before. We have been able to grow the business to levels we never would have without Dana McGuffin CPA. “  Bill Teter, VP of Operations – ReadeRest


“I began using Dana McGuffin CPA for my business in June 2013 and have been extremely satisfied with the services and personal attention that have been provided. I now feel confident that I understand the financial progress and goals of my company and feel that the staff at Dana McGuffin CPA has played a major role in helping my business to grow and continue to be successful and profitable.”  Kelley Meehan, Owner – Meehan Sports Therapy & Pediatrics